How Beastronauts came to be

I wrote 26 adult fiction books before Beastronauts. So how did I end up writing a kids’ book?

Back at the end of 2016, a server at my favorite diner (where my wife and I have outlined most of our books) told us that she had some other regulars who were authors. She collected my business card and theirs, but we kept missing an actual trade. But about a month later, we accidentally ended up meeting these mysterious other authors when they were seated at the next booth over. It didn’t nyake long to recognize that each of us were the couple of elusive other writers.

During a long, nerdy conversation that included a lot of talk about superheroes, we learned that Todd and Tannya were not only authors, but ran their own local publishing house, MacLaren-Chochrane! They worked on and published children’s books. Sweet, but that wasn’t what we wrote. Tannya assured me, however, that if I could write novels, I could certainly write a kids’ book.

Fast forward another month or so. I gave it a try and wrote a little 800-word story I titled Beastronauts, about a rabbit astronaut who crash-lands on an alien planet and encounters the local wildlife. It really was as easy as Tannya told me. I’ve juggled a storyline across three novels and over thirteen novellas, so the adventures of a single bold bunny were easy enough to manage. With fingers crossed, I sent it off to Tannya. She wrote back and said they liked it – would I like to sell it to MacLaren-Cochrane? As you can imagine, I quickly said yes!

So over this weekend, I got my first look at character concepts and signed the contract for publishing Beastronauts. We don’t yet have a release date, but at some point in the next two years, I’ll get to add a children’s book to our catalogue. I can’t wait to show off the art! I’ve been wanting to write a kids’ book ever since our nephews were born and now I finally get to do it. Woohoo!

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